Startups, Sperm and the Case Against Facebook

(Bloomberg View) -- My "snow is melting, when is spring gonna get here?" morning train reads:

  • "Lone DNC Hacker" Guccifer 2.0 Slipped Up and Revealed He Was a Russian Intelligence Officer (Daily Beast)
  • The Bloodletting Isn’t Over Yet for Active Managers (Institutional Investor)
  • How Sequoia’s $2 billion Dropbox win became as big as it is (Recode)
  • San Francisco Is No Longer the Startup Capital. Here’s Where Startups Should Look Next (Inc.)
  • The case against Facebook (Vox); see also Next Worry for Facebook: Disenchanted Users (Wall Street Journal)
  • Crispr’s inventor assesses her creation (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)
  • Say goodbye to the information age: It’s all about reputation now (Aeon)
  • In California’s rural, conservative north, there are big dreams for cleaving the state (Los Angeles Times)
  • Cambridge Analytica and Our Lives Inside the Surveillance Machine (New Yorker); see also The Only Privacy Policy That Matters (Medium)
  • Why the Demand for American Sperm Is Skyrocketing in Brazil (Wall Street Journal)

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Startups, Sperm and the Case Against Facebook

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