Hot Jobs, Bitcoin and How the Boomers Broke America

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- My end-of-week morning train reads:

  • The Store Is Not Dead (at Least for Now): Shops that would rather not shut down are adapting, resulting in a somewhat surprising retail renaissance (the Cut)
  • What Do Tesla, Apple and SoftBank Have in Common? They’re All Hot for Lithium (Wall Street Journal)
  • This Is America’s Hottest Job (Bloomberg)
  • How Baby Boomers Broke America (Time)
  • Bitcoin’s energy use got studied, and you libertarian nerds look even worse than usual (Grist)
  • U.S. Farms, Factories Can’t Produce Enough to Meet White House Goal to Cut China Deficit (Wall Street Journal)
  • There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Fail (Bloomberg View)
  • Trump Moscow: The Definitive Story of How Trump’s Team Worked the Russian Deal During the Campaign (BuzzFeed); see also Pivotal moments in Mueller’s Trump investigation: 5 guilty pleas, 17 indictments and more (Los Angeles Times)
  • Answering Critics, Avenatti Says Slaying Goliaths Is His Business Model (New York Law Journal)
  • Barcelona star Lionel Messi manages to stay hidden despite his fame (ESPN)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with wearables expert and venture capitalist Steve Murray, partner at Revolution Growth and Fitbit board member.

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Hot Jobs, Bitcoin and How the Boomers Broke America

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