Concussions, Phone Calls and Other Avoidable Suffering

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- My morning train chill reads:

  • Money Managers Aren’t Dead (Bloomberg Businessweek)
  • The Rise of Giant Consumer Startups That Said No to Investor Money (Recode)
  • Money Really Does Lead to a More Satisfying Life (New York Times)
  • 10 Years After the Financial Crisis, Is the Housing Market Still at Risk? (Curbed)
  • Let's Stop Pretending Facebook and Twitter's CEOs Can't Fix This Mess (Wired)
  • Want Better Customer Service? Don’t Call. Text. (Washington Post)
  • Inside the Trump Administration’s Secret War on Weed (Buzzfeed)
  • Russia Is Co-opting Angry Young Men (The Atlantic)
  • Why Trump’s Approval Numbers Won’t Budge (American Conservative)
  • What I Learned About Concussions — by Having One (The Verge)

What are you reading?

Fed Paper Questions ‘This Time Is Different’ Yield Curve Theory

Concussions, Phone Calls and Other Avoidable Suffering

Source: Bloomberg

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