Murdoch, Apple Maps, Florida Under the Sea

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- My full-summer heat morning train reads:

• Congrats, Investors! You’re Behaving Less Badly Than Usual (WSJ)
• Rupert Murdoch: The media mogul says goodbye to much of the company he built (Washington Post)
• The Biggest Digital Heist in History Isn’t Over Yet (Bloomberg Businessweek)
• Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up (TechCrunch)
• The Ghost of Tech Stocks Past (Irrelevant Investor)
• Ways to think about machine learning (Ben Evans)
• Trump bill to blow up the WTO (Axios)
• Rising seas: ‘Florida is about to be wiped off the map’ (The Guardian)
• Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could shake up Congress on economy like Elizabeth Holtzman did on Vietnam (USA Todaysee also Evangelical Fear Elected Trump: The history of evangelicalism in America is shot through with fear—but it also contains an alternative. (The Atlantic)
• Is Hollywood Ready for Boots Riley? (Rolling Stone)

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Is there really a retirement savings crisis?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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