Dismal Science and Super-Nerdy Podcasts

(Bloomberg View) -- Apparently the da Vinci code is get lost for a few centuries, then smash records at auction. My morning UTOG reads:

  • The Risk of Estimating Risk (Capital Spectator)
  • Why Sales Quotas Ruined Wells Fargo (Bloomberg View)
  • Vanguard’s 2017 Prediction: A Record $350 Billion in New Cash (Wall Street Journal)
  • The Dismal Science Remains Dismal, Say Scientists (Wired)
  • Taming the masters of the tech universe: Examining the macroeconomic impact of the world’s most valuable companies (Financial Times)
  • George Will: Roy Moore is an embarrassment. Doug Jones deserves to win. (Washington Post); see also How Sinclair compromised the news on an Alabama station it owns to support Roy Moore (Baltimore Sun)
  • Even This Very Long, Super-Nerdy NBA Podcast Is Making Money (Bloomberg)
  • Does "Elsagate" prove YouTube is too big to control? (the Week)
  • How a North Carolina meteorologist abandoned his climate change skepticism (Columbia Journalism Review)
  • Comedy Writers Defend Say-Anything Culture in Sensitive Times (Bloomberg); see also Men, women and films: How pronounced is the gender divide on the silver screen? (1843)

What are you reading?

The 10 ZIP Codes With the Most Valuable Land in the U.S.

Dismal Science and Super-Nerdy Podcasts

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