Trump Campaign Manager Says Facebook, Twitter Have Liberal Bias

(Bloomberg) -- Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign manager said Facebook and Twitter are inherently biased against the president and his supporters but that social media is still an “important way to get people to show up to vote for Trump.”

  • “The inherent bias in those companies is significant,” Brad Parscale says in an interview recorded for Bloomberg Television in Sonoma, Calif.; he describes Facebook as a “liberal company”
  • “Their employees have bias,” Parscale says, adding Facebook management is trying to stamp out that bias
    • Says it now takes longer to post ads on Facebook
  • Parscale also says the Trump campaign didn’t collude with any foreign country during the 2016 campaign, nor did it seek to suppress any votes; he also defends the hiring of Cambridge Analytica
    • “We ran a legitimate campaign,” Parscale says; “We did everything the right way.”
  • NOTE: Social-media companies have faced criticism in Washington of trying to silence conservative voices; Facebook, Twitter and Google skipped a hearing on the topic held in April by congressional lawmakers

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