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It was a bad day for President Donald Trump. His former lawyer pleaded guilty in New York. His former campaign manager was found guilty in Virginia. There’s no word on whether either man will seek leniency by cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his probe of potential collusion with Russia, but it’s likely to be a topic of conversation

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Texas spent years saving money at the expense of students who needed special education. Then the U.S. stepped in. Now the state is on the hook for billions of dollars to make things right

Russia is at it again, Microsoft said. The company seized web domains created by cyber-attackers it said are linked to that country’s military and aimed at manipulating midterm elections.

The Trump administration said 1,600 more Americans will die every year under the Environmental Protection Agency's plan to loosen pollution rules governing power plants.

You’ve probably heard that it’s the longest bull market ever. You’ve probably also heard that it isn’t. What’s the story? We're here to tell you what's true, and what's not.

While anti-immigrant groups in the U.S. and Europe clamor for walls and deportation, in Sweden immigrants are making the economy hum, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Brexit negotiations will take place “continuously” as time runs out on Britain's scramble to get a seat before the music stops.

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director is mulling what effect Trump's unorthodox statements about the Fed may have in the long run.

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Wannabe wine connoisseurs can now buy instant cellars. Dreaming of being a wine collector with a killer selection but don’t know how? We understand. The whole prospect of assembling the wines can be a shopping hassle requiring time-consuming research and way too many picky decisions. But you’re in luck.

Your Evening Briefing

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