U.S. Elections: Top Stories On Market And Political Impact
Images of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump. (Image: Bloomberg) 

U.S. Elections: Top Stories On Market And Political Impact

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U.S. Elections: Outcome And Impact

The U.S. Presidential election being fought between incumbent Donald Trump ad Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden is likely to go down to the wire. Who wins, and how, will impact not just the world’s largest economy but will have geo-political, trade and financial market implications.

This is a selection of stories by BloombergQuint’s editors to help you stay updated and understand the outcome and effects.

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Six Investors Size Up Trump’s $9 Trillion Stock Market Bull Run

In the 1,456 days since Donald Trump was elected president, corporate taxes were cut, a trade war was fought, the Covid-19 pandemic raged -- and the largest American companies added near $9 trillion in value.

Up 55% since Election Day 2016, the S&P 500’s return is the fourth-best for a first-term president, data compiled by Bloomberg show. It’s a feat that appeals to a president who has graded and flaunted his success using points on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, often to the exclusion of other measures.

Numbers don’t lie, but deciding how much credit he deserves for the run is one of the most debated topics in markets.

Here’s what six investors have to say about the markets.

How Global Market Watchers Are Viewing U.S. Elections 2020

Asset managers, market researchers and investors are trying to gauge the impact on equities and other asset classes such as gold and bonds across the globe amid heightened volatility.

Here are views from UBS, JPMorgan Asset Management and Societe Generale Cross Asset Research.

Americans Face Stark Choice As Election Day 2020 Dawns

The election entered its final day on Tuesday with a record-shattering 100 million ballots already cast.

Polling stations on the U.S. East Coast started opening at 6 a.m. local time. The key states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania will be among the first to close, starting at 7 p.m.

Trump is planning to watch the results in Washington, while Biden will be in his home state of Delaware.

National surveys and polls of most key states give Biden the advantage, but Democrats scarred by Hillary Clinton’s unexpected defeat in 2016 have taken little solace from their candidate’s lead. The state on everyone’s mind is Pennsylvania, which could take days to count its votes and where Biden has a slight lead.

Why the choices for American voters couldn’t be more stark.

U.S. Stocks Face 20% Slide With Contested Election, BofA Says

Markets want to see a clear victory for either President Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden within a week of the Nov. 3 contest. If there’s a contested election, stocks could slide as much as 20%.

Read more on what BofA expects for stocks with in two election outcomes.

JPMorgan Readies for Post-Election Market Shift by Cutting Tech

JPMorgan Chase & Co. strategists are dropping their longtime preference for technology stocks one day before the U.S. elections as they forecast a change in market leadership, no matter who wins the vote.

Here’s why.

The consensus view is that a Democrat victory in November will be a negative for equities. However, we see this outcome as neutral to slightly positive.
Dubravko Lakos, Head of U.S. Equity and Quantitative Strategy, J.P. Morgan  
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