JC Parets at Traders Carnival, 2018 in Mumbai. (Image: JC Parets twitter handle)

Traders Carnival: How To Be A Top Trader, By JC Parets

As a top trader JC Parets studies over 6,000 charts every week. The founder of All Stars Charts, a technical analysis commentary website, started his trading career in 2005.

On his website he describes some of his tenets of trading as...

Simple timeframe: I look out weeks and months. I am not a day-trader, but I also don’t care what happens next year.

Uses candlestick charts for everyday charting: Once a week I go through the 3000 charts in my arsenal with just bars. No moving averages or momentum or anything else on the chart – just bars.

Uses line charts for ratio analysis: This helps with the day to day or week to week changes in a ratio. Remember that not everything opens up every day at the same time.

Uses 14-period RSI for momentum: I don’t change my RSI periods and I don’t smooth them out like others do. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that 14-periods works for me. Also, when I say “periods”, I mean daily and weekly.

Parets spent over an hour at this year’s Traders Carnival conference in Mumbai sharing his views on how to be a top trader, successful trading strategies and his view on the India markets.

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