A trader monitors financial data. (Photographer: Alex Kraus/Bloomberg)

The Best Trading Minds At Traders Carnival And On BloombergQuint 

It started with six successful equity and derivative traders in 2012. This year Traders Carnival will host more than 14 top traders in its four-day meeting in Mumbai.

The Agenda

  • JC Parets: Charts. A holistic view of the Indian markets
  • Vignesh Eswar: How to be the trader you want to be
  • NS Fidai: Charts - Speed scanning using magic moving averages
  • Sharad Jhunjhunwala: Gann demystified
  • Amit Gulecha: Scalping! Ace sharpshooter from Lokhandwala
  • Rudra Murthy: The 10 step trading system
  • Rajandran: Building systems | Market profile
  • Jegan: Options writing - The what, how, why
  • Rohan Mehta: Immunity of a trader
  • Vivek Mashrani: Blending fundamentals and technicals
  • Sanket Gajjar: Technicals - intraday | Long only investing + Intraday Strategy
  • Rakesh Doshi: Trading psychology
  • Amit Phatak: Workshop on ‘How to follow your Strategy’
  • Dr. A.Velumani: Story Teller CEO | The rags to riches story

Founded by Dharmaraj J and his wife Rekha, Traders Carnival will this year cover a variety of interesting trading topics - from how to be a successful trader to blending fundamentals and technicals to trading psychology. The conference will host JC Parets, one of the most widely followed technical analysts in the world in a special all-night charting session. Among the other speakers are Atul Suri, Vivek Mashrani and Deepak Mohoni.

BloombergQuint will bring you the top highlights from key sessions as also exclusive conversations with top traders and interactions with market experts in the audience.

Tune in on May 24 - 27 for more...