A Broker looks at a graph depicting the change in sterling on the trading floor at ETX Capital, a broker of contracts-for-difference, in London, U.K. (Photographer: Jason Alden/Bloomberg)

Traders Carnival: There’s Money To Be Made By Being ‘Boring’, Says Deepak Mohoni

Deepak Mohoni, the man who coined the term "Sensex", believes there’s merit in being a “boring trader”.

95 percent of traders don't make money in the markets. “If you want to be in the 5 percent that makes money, you have to do the boring bits -- controlling costs and accepting that profits are unpredictable,” Mohoni told BloombergQuint on the sidelines of the Traders Carnival event in Mumbai.

The real edge that a trader has is to control the losses. The profits are up to random factors that the markets will provide. 
Deepak Mohoni, Director, Trendwatch India 

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“Thinking there’s easy money to be made in the markets is a mistake that many traders make,” Mohoni added.

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