The Supreme Court of India (Source: Supreme Court of India Website)

New Supreme Court Rules To Ensure Fresh Cases Are Listed Within A Week Of Filing

The Supreme Court of India has issued a new set of norms aimed at reducing the time taken after filing a case till its hearing in the court.

Under the new norms, all new cases filed in the top court will come for hearing within four to five days. New cases that are filed and verified by the Supreme Court registry from the post-lunch session on Friday to pre-lunch session on Tuesday will come up for hearing on next Friday. Cases which are filed and verified from the post-lunch session on Tuesday till pre-lunch session on Friday will be listed for next Monday.

As Chief Justice of India, Justice Ranjan Gogoi has emphasised on speedy disposal of cases and reducing pendency. He also made changes to streamline the process of mentioning.

On his first day after taking oath, the CJI had said the court is finalising guidelines for mentioning cases. Until then, the only exceptions will be extraordinary situations like a convict on a death row or an eviction being carried out that day, he had said.

Last week, the CJI informed the court that the registry was in process of finalising listing norms for new cases which are being filed. The measure, he said, will ensure that the need for mentioning of cases for listing will not be needed.

The new norms for the listing of cases will come into effect from next week.