Sierra Club Likes Wind Farms -- Just Not This New Jersey One

(Bloomberg) -- A wind farm proposed off the coast of New Jersey has drawn an unlikely opponent: the environmental group Sierra Club.

It’s not that Sierra Club has anything against wind projects. It’s just against this particular one -- proposed by Fisherman’s Energy -- because it’s so close to shore (less than 3 miles off the coast) and so costly ($210 million for 24 megawatts) that the group says it may undermine public support for larger offshore wind farms.

“We normally support wind projects in New Jersey,” the group said. But this one would “end up hurting our ability to get to our goal” of installing 3,500 megawatts of offshore wind capacity by 2030, it said. Sierra Club’s comments were issued by New Jersey chapter director Jeff Tittel after the group said a bill for the project had been passed by a state legislative committee.

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