Largest Industrialized Countries March Toward Renewables

(Bloomberg) -- Data from BP plc highlight the ongoing push toward renewable energy by the largest industrialized countries.

  • Coal-fueled energy output is declining in Germany, Canada, the U.K., Italy and the U.S.
  • Germany registered the biggest one year divergence in energy sources among the Group of Seven nations and Canada the lowest
Largest Industrialized Countries March Toward Renewables

Movers by Source

  • Oil Gainers: Hong Kong (3.6%); Portugal (2.9%); Switzerland (2.5%)
  • Oil Losers: Ecuador (-4.4%); Egypt (-4.3%); Venezuela (-2.4%)
  • Natural Gas Gainers: Egypt (4.4%); Portugal (3.8%); Romania (2.9%)
  • Natural Gas Losers: Peru (-3.4%); Bangladesh (-2.0%); Turkmenistan (-1.8%)
  • Coal Gainers: Spain (2.0%); Turkey (1.6%); Portugal (1.4%)
  • Coal Losers: Ukraine (-4.5%); Colombia (-3.7%); Czech Republic (-3.18%)
    • Overall coal consumption grew for the first time in four years
  • Nuclear Gainers: Ukraine (2.4%); Czech Republic (1.7%); Japan (0.6%)
  • Nuclear Losers: Taiwan (-1.8%); Switzerland (-1.6%); South Korea (-1.2%)
  • Hydro-electric gainers: Colombia (5.3%); Ecuador (5.0%); Peru (3.8%)
  • Hydro-electric losers: Portugal (-8.3%); Spain (-3.0); Romania (-2.9%)
  • Renewable gainers: Finland (1.8%); U.K. (1.8%); Germany (1.7%)
  • Renewable losers: Philippines (-0.6%); New Zealand (-0.3%); Peru (-0.1%)
Largest Industrialized Countries March Toward Renewables

Notable Dependencies

  • Singapore (87%) and Iraq (78%) are most reliant on oil
  • Less than one fifth of energy consumption comes from oil in these countries: China, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan
  • Trinidad and Tobago, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Qatar use natural gas for more than three-quarters of needs
  • Half of energy comes from coal in South Africa, China, India and
  • France and Sweden derive more than one quarter of energy from nuclear energy
    • Japan is slowly increasing its nuclear energy use. It jumped to 1.4 percent in 2017 from 0.9 percentage of 2016 energy consumption. Nuclear energy generation remains at less than 10 percent of its peak level use in Japan
  • In Norway, Sweden, New Zealand and Brazil more than one third of energy is generated from hydroelectric or renewable fuel
Largest Industrialized Countries March Toward Renewables

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