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Apple’s Big Reveal At WWDC Is A New Smart Speaker - The HomePod

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The Big Reveal - Apple's Smart Speaker HomePod

Apple’s Big Reveal At WWDC Is A New Smart Speaker - The HomePod

Amazon's Echo and Google's Home smart speakers now have new, serious, competition.

Apple has unveiled a new smart speaker, called the HomePod.

Just like we did with portable music, we want to reinvent home music
Tim Cook, CEO, Apple

It comes in white and space grey, is under 7-inch tall, comes packed with 7 tweeters, precision acoustic horns and a 4-inch upward-facing woofer.

It runs on a Apple A8 chip, the same as the latest iPhone. It does real-time acoustic modeling, audio beam-forming, multi-channel echo cancellation and automatically detects the size of your room.

With six in-built microphone you can beckon Siri to play your favourite songs on Apple Music. It also acts as a home assistant, give you news and sports updates, monitor stocks, get traffic updates, set reminders, and messages, set timers and make general queries.

Priced at $349. Global launch by next year.

iPad Pro Unveiled, Focus On Graphic Designers?

Apple’s Big Reveal At WWDC Is A New Smart Speaker - The HomePod

The new iPad Pro features a 10.5 inch display, 40% smaller bezels and weighs only 1 pound. Bigger True Tone display has a wider color gamut and 600 nits of brightness (50% brighter). The bigger screen size now allows for a fullscreen keyboard. The new ProMotion display has a 120Hz refresh rate and lower latency, which means smoother animations. The display will automatically adjust its refresh rate based on what you’re looking at, which Apple says, helps to improve battery life.

The new iPad will now ship with a six-core A10X Fusion CPU, which is atleast 30 percent faster than the existing A9x.

Apple demoed by designing a movie poster on the new iPad which could mean that the focus is on graphic designers now. This is similar to what Microsoft had done with their new Surface Pro 4.

It is expected to have a battery life of around 10 hours. All this will come with a 12 megapixel rear camera, and a 7 megapixel rear camera. The base model's storage is now up to 64GB.

The new 10.5 inch iPad Pro will start at $649, with the 12.9 incher starting at $799

iOS11 for iPad now features a dock, supports better multitasking and the keyboard allows you to flick up on keys to access punctuation and numbers. A new files app has been integrated which supports nested folders, spring loading and works with apps like iCloud, Dropbox and OneDrive.

Focus On Augmented Reality

Apple demoed the augmented reality framework called the ARKit.

Remember Pokemon Go? That was AR!

Apple’s Big Reveal At WWDC Is A New Smart Speaker - The HomePod

In the demo, Craig Federighi of Apple, brings up a view of the camera. The camera recognizes the surface of a table in front of him. He adds a tea cup on the table, then a lamp and then a vase. All of it, perfectly sized, and the cup's shadow changed angles when he moved it corresponding to the lamp's light.

This is still in developmental phase though.

New Redesigned App Store

The App Store, which turns 9 this year, has been redesigned visually and functionally.

Apart from the visual overhaul, the new App Store will have a ‘Today’ tab that will feature new applications, and stories about the developers who made them.

Games now finally have a dedicated, and separate tab. The tab will also feature in-app purchases that are released in the downloaded games.

Apple’s Big Reveal At WWDC Is A New Smart Speaker - The HomePod

Like games, applications too have a separate tab.

iOS 11 Is Here!

The much awaited iOS 11 for the Apple iPhone has been unveiled.

Today, we’re going to take the world’s most advanced operating system.. and turn it up to 11
Tim Cook, CEO, Apple

Apple has redesigned the keyboard app and sticker drawer within messages so it’s not so hidden. It claims to offer better syncing across devices and features end-to-end encryption. Also, now you can use Apple Pay to pay another person using iMessage.

Apple’s Big Reveal At WWDC Is A New Smart Speaker - The HomePod

Siri now sounds more natural and is now multilingual - support for instant translation from English to Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish has been integrated. Siri also has a new voice, voices actually, both male and female.

Videos shot in iOS 11 will be encoded in the HEVC format, which means the size will be almost halved without a dip in quality.

For photos too, Apple has implemented HEIF, which is like HEVC for pictures. Meaning pictures will too be half the size without compromising quality. Live photos can now be trimmed.

The control center, which you swipe up to put on the airplane mode, is getting a visual makeover too. Everything's been compressed to a single page now.

Siri's context sensitivity has been improved further. So if you're reading about, say Iceland, then the News app will have Iceland-related news. By the way, Google Assistant and Google Now already have this feature.

Apple Maps is getting an indoor navigation support for places like malls and airports. (Not for India yet, duh)

iOS 11 will have a Do Not Disturb while Driving mode which will detect when the user is driving and hide incoming alerts and auto respond.

Apple Music will now show what music your friends are listening to.