Opposition staged a walkout in the Lok Sabha over lynching issue.

Opposition Stages Walkout in LS Over Lynchings

Video Editor: Mohd. Ibrahim

The Opposition parties, including the Congress, on Thursday, 19 July, staged a walkout in the Lok Sabha, in response to Home Minister Rajnath Singh's comments on mob lynchings. Singh condemned the recent lynchings but also said state governments should do more to maintain law and order. He said the Centre had issued an advisory on the matter in 2016, and another one recently.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor questioned PM Modi’s silence over the issue of lynchings, and said when leaders stay quiet, it gives a licence to those who perpetrate such violence.

“The Home Minister's statement in Lok Sabha on mob lynching was not satisfactory at all, that is why we staged a walkout from the House. This is not a game of ping pong that states and Centre keep shifting responsibilities,” Tharoor told media outside parliament.

The Opposition Slam the Government’s ‘Complicity in Corruption’

The Congress party on Thursday targeted the BJP over its failure to curb corruption and black money.

Congress MP Anand Sharma, while speaking in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, said that government was using various investigation agencies to target Opposition leaders.

"Are there two laws in the nation? One implemented from the political point of view for political rivals and the other for your own people who face serious allegations?"

The Centre, Sharma said, had misled the entire nation, and the government's crackdown on the black money was a sham.

Sharma also questioned the government on why Lokpal had not been appointed even four years after the BJP came to power.