A shepherd herds livestock across a road to graze in Palwal district, Haryana, India. (Photographer: Anindito Mukherjee/Bloomberg)

Q4 Results: Hester Biosciences Says Exports Revenue Will Pick Up From Second Quarter

Hester Biosciences Ltd. said its revenue from exports would be lower in the ongoing quarter but improve from the three-month period ending September.

The company’s exports revenue slumped 42 percent in the March quarter, the reasons being more external than internal, according to Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Rajiv Gandhi. The exports were hurt by registration and organisational complexities of the distribution networks and delay in payment confirmation, he told BloombergQuint in an interaction. The exports, he said, would pick up after the first quarter of FY20.

Gandhi also said the company would focus on its animal health business, which has a bigger global market. He expects the animal health segment to contribute equally as the poultry business to the company’s top line in the coming three to four years.

That would come on the back of the success of its Brucella Abortus and Peste Des Petits Ruminants or PPR vaccine, Gandhi said. These vaccinations have a market potential of about Rs 50 crore in India only, he said.

Q4 Earnings Highlights


  • Revenue jumps 30 percent to Rs 48.8 crore.
  • Net profit rises 38 percent to Rs 12.4 crore.
  • Ebitda spikes 67 percent to Rs 18.7 crore.
  • Margin expands to 38.3 percent from 29.8 percent.

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