Why Philippe Cousteau Always Brings A Rolex On His Travels

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The best places to travel are popular for a reason, but that popularity can lead to over-tourism. You know the problem – you visit  Venice or Dubrovnik, and you feel surrounded by fellow tourists, but few locals. On the second episode of Travel Genius, hosts Nikki Ekstein and Mark Ellwood look at a few hotspots that have become poster children – poster places, even – for this problem, and suggest equally intriguing alternatives.

Nikki and Mark then talk to a scion of one of the most famous oceangoing families in the world: Philippe Cousteau. He champions his grandfather’s legacy in everything he does, from conservation to hosting TV shows that explore the ocean depths. Cousteau shares stories and tips from the wilds of Papua New Guinea to the beaches of Dominica. He’ll explain why shunning a shower can sometimes be a smart move, and pinpoints one expensive item that can always get you out of a tricky situation.

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