Why Foursquare Co-Founder Dennis Crowley Always Packs A Soccer Ball

You’d expect that one of the world’s most influential tech founders would have a laundry list of favorite travel apps—or at least a digitally-enhanced jet-lag survival strategy. But Dennis Crowley, who created Foursquare ten years ago and still serves as its executive chairman, uses surprisingly old-school methods when he’s on the road. On this episode of Travel Genius, he tells us why his must-pack object is a deflated soccer ball, why his reminders end up on his hand and not his phone, and why you should set up your hotel room like a retail store—not a second home.

For listeners who think of Foursquare as a check-in app, Crowley also reveals how the app powers so many of our travel experiences—and helps cities become more navigable—through its treasure trove of data. What follows is a look into the constantly-evolving world of travel tech through the eyes of an industry pioneer.

Want to put all that knowledge to good use? You’re in luck. Every year, Bloomberg publishes a list of the hottest destinations to consider for the upcoming months. Hosts Mark Ellwood and Nikki Ekstein talk through the most exciting entries on the 2019 list. (Beware: wanderlust ahead.)

A note: As Season 1 of Travel Genius heads into its final episodes, we’re calling on our savvy audience to share the best hacks up their own sleeves. To submit your genius travel moments, reach us via Twitter, email, or by phone at (646) 324-3490. If you're lucky (and especially clever), we'll share your best tips on a future episode.

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