TV Host Samantha Brown on How to Get on a Plane That's Already Left the Gate

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Ever wonder how to boost your chances of a flight upgrade? Or how to find the best local restaurant with a single question? Travel Genius, a new podcast co-hosted by Bloomberg Pursuits travel editor Nikki Ekstein and globetrotter Mark Ellwood will bring you the answers to those questions—and plenty others—on a weekly basis.

Our series premiere dives deep into a new phenomenon: teenage travel planners. With multi-generational travel at an all-time high, companies are thinking about the best ways to keep teens—possibly the world’s hardest-to-please demographic—engaged and excited on the road. The answer? Letting them plan getaways themselves—not just for their own families, but as consultants for others, as well.

Samantha Brown, host of PBS’ “Samantha Brown’s Places to Love,” also joins Nikki and Mark to share lessons learned on the road. She explains the most delicious ways to learn a language abroad, the secrets to surviving long flights with young kids, and how to stop a pilot from leaving the airport without you—even after the plane has left the gate.

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