A traveler arrives at Ronald Reagan National airport (DCA) in Washington, D.C., U.S. (Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

The Secrets to Traveling Alone

You know you’ve hit a new threshold of travel greatness when you can step off a long-haul flight and look like you’ve been decked out by a personal shopper at Barneys—hair and makeup included. Fashion entrepreneur Lisa Sun, founder of Project Gravitas, gets it right every time. On the latest episode of Travel Genius, Sun shares her tips for how we can do the same. (Hint: Your hotel has one key amenity you’re probably not using.) Don’t need the style tips? Use her array of travel tips for China, instead—her insights make the country as easy to navigate as it is to love.

Also on this episode, hosts Mark Ellwood and Nikki Ekstein talk about traveling alone: How to do it safely, how to eat alone without being embarrassed, and one place to avoid when you're solo.

Listen in for those hacks and more—and then, if you're inspired to share your own travel genius moments, give us a shout on Twitter, via email, or by phone at (646) 324-3490. If you're lucky (and especially clever), we'll share your best tips on a future episode.

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