A passenger sleeps in Terminal 1 in Frankfurt International Airport (Fraport) in Frankfurt, Germany. (Photographer: Alex Kraus/Bloomberg)  

Steal A CEO’s Secrets to Better Sleep

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There ain’t no mountain high enough for Ron Carson, chief executive of Carson Group, one of the largest wealth management firms in the United States—and we mean that literally. The Barron’s Hall of Famer is on a quest to summit all of the country’s major mountains. On this week’s Travel Genius, Carson talks about a lot more than hiking, including his knack for piloting private planes and using his adventures as a means for professional development. He has indispensable tips for getting great sleep in hotel rooms that range from practical to pampering.

There’s also no beach low enough to escape our scrutiny this week—at least when it comes to Zika virus. In light of some confusing news from the World Health Organization that seemed to declare the Caribbean region free of the pesky disease, hosts Nikki Ekstein and Mark Ellwood pick apart the latest science—along with the destinations that you should and shouldn’t worry about visiting.

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