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Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts: Eight Podcasts She’ll Love

(Bloomberg) -- Good news for procrastinating, panicked, delinquent children and spouses: There’s a way to show your love and appreciation this Mother’s Day that requires no advance planning. Give her the gift of alone time—plus a few podcasts to savor while she’s enjoying it. From the team at The Pay Check, Bloomberg’s award-winning podcast on women, work and money, these eight episodes will tell her you’re listening, and you care. 

Heavyweight: Skye With the help of her middle school-aged son, a woman named Skye revisits a traumatic incident from middle school. For anyone who wonders why women—parents—put themselves through the hard work and emotional challenges of raising kids, Skye’s son is a good answer. He’s insightful, supportive, caring, sensitive and just the best.

How I Built This: Eileen Fisher Eileen Fisher is one of the ultimate mom brands, but in this episode, the real Eileen Fisher talks about growing up in Iowa with six siblings and a stay-at-home mother. When Fisher was 16, her mother had a breakdown, she says, but there were happy memories too, including sewing clothes together. 

Motherhood Sessions: Rethinking Your Roots South Korean-born Julia was adopted and raised by a conservative white family. When she had her own child, she decided to find her birth mom, a decision that was hard to share with the mother who raised her. 

Prognosis: Should We Be Scared of Our DNA? On the other side of the biological coin, what might we learn from the genes we share, and what should we do about it? In this episode, a family grapples with a choice to have life-altering surgeries now to avoid potential future cancer diagnoses.

Invisibilia: The Weatherman Having kids creates uncertainty in ways few people can imagine. For solace, consider meteorologists, whose predictions are wrong as often as they’re right. What can they teach us about embracing uncertainty? 

Terrible Thanks for Asking:  Sad Nora and The Secret Baby  Nobody gets as real as Nora McInerny, who talks about grief, motherhood, love and all the most important things in the most honest and empathic ways. In Season One, she tells the story of losing her husband, dad and a new pregnancy all in the span of a few weeks. 

Aria Code: Outrage Out of This World In Mozart’s The Magic Flute, the Queen of the Night loses all her power when her husband dies, and she’s not happy about it. But she’s not weeping, she’s plotting revenge. “I understand her rage,” soprano Kathryn Lewek says on this behind-the-libretto episode of Aria Code. 

The Moth: Motherhood in Captivity It took Molly Ringwald three years before she was ready to tell the story of her daughter’s terrible, horrible second-grade year. No parent wants to see their child hurting, but Ringwald also talks about what it’s like to come through it intact. 

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