The fully automated driving test track at the Regional Transport Office in Mayur Vihar, Delhi. 

Getting Driving Licenses in Delhi to Get Tougher With These Tests

The process of getting a driving licence in Delhi has now become a lot more stringent. Maruti Suzuki and the Delhi Govt tied up to set up a fully automated driver training circuit next to the Mayur Vihar Road Transport Office, at a cost of over Rs 20 crore.

The automation makes the testing process simpler and quicker, but it is also more stringent. To sign up for a driving licence the applicant needs to book an appointment online and pay the fees.

How Does It Work?

The test circuit has separate areas for bikes and cars. The car test circuit has 3 escape points, where drivers who have failed their tests can exit the track. These drivers will have to re-apply and reschedule their licence test appointment.

Once they land up at the centre, the applicants are shown a video of the track and the essential tests that will be carried out.

The tests include a "Reverse S" test, Overtaking manoevres, Parallel parking, hill start test among others. The applicants are given RFID cards, which are responsible for opening the gates to the track. The progress of the applicants is then monitored using cameras and sensors. If an applicant fails his or her test, they can exit the track at three designated points.

The track is capable of handling up to 300 cars per day. For a two-wheeler licence the applicants have to drive around a serpentine track, to showcase their manoeuvring skills. They will also be tested for emergency braking skills and skills to ride on a straight ramp, both introduced for the first time.