Where the Rich Are in the U.S. West: 50 Richest Zip Codes

(Bloomberg) -- Following the biggest of the big money in the U.S. West leads to a zip code in California’s Silicon Valley, Atherton, 94027, according to data tracked by Bloomberg, which also show California accounts for about 85 percent of the richest zip codes in the region.

Also in the West, Billings, Montana, 59106, is the richest address in Montana -- but in the bottom of the list in wealth in regional as well as national data. Only the richest zip codes in West Virginia and Mississippi are lower while figuring prominently in their states respectively.

Ever hear of Moose Wilson Road, 83014? It’s in Wyoming and its average gross income has advanced by more than 75 percent since 2010. People are attracted by the natural beauty of Wyoming -- and its favorable tax structure.

Seattle’s suburb of Medina, 98039, ranks No. 1 in Washington state followed by nearby Mercer Island, reflecting the wealth of current and former executives of Microsoft Corporation as well as the world’s richest, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com Inc., as ranked by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

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Richest 50 zip codes in the West

Bloomberg evaluated IRS data for zip codes with more than 200 tax returns as of the 2015 filing season, and with 500 residential households according to the latest Census tally. The U.S. Census Bureau West region includes 13 states from Arizona to Montana extending to Alaska and Hawaii.

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