To Surmount The Seemingly Insurmountable, Break The Mould

To Surmount The Seemingly Insurmountable, Break The Mould

If you’re a James Bond fan of a certain age, and if you watched the 1965 movie Thunderball, you might have wondered if a jet pack would ever actually be invented. Well, it has been. Richard Browning, the inventor, believes it wouldn’t have been possible if he’d followed conventional wisdom.

Australian musician, inventor, music composer, Linsey Pollak is of the same opinion. If he’d followed conventional wisdom he’d never have considered making a clarinet using a carrot. If that sounds a little ridiculous, he’s invented several new instruments, the latest of which he calls a ‘flat sax’ – it looks like a flat piece of wood, but sounds exactly like a soprano saxophone.

Tashi and Nungshi Malik, also known as the Everest Twins, having conquered the summit of the tallest mountain peak in the world, and the tallest peaks in each of the six other continents, are now on their way to complete the ‘Four Ice Cap Challenge’. That would require them to cover over 5,000 km in some of the most unforgiving terrain on the planet. If this pair went by conventional wisdom, they may not have achieved what they did.

Looking for a little inspiration to take on that one dream that seemed too far out of reach? Listen to what these achievers have to say, and maybe that’ll get you through the first few steps of a journey you never thought you’d take.

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