How to Wear Fall's Favorite Trend: Suede

(Bloomberg) -- Suede is often a fashion favorite for the fall, and during runway shows for this season, we saw a lot of it, in statement outerwear pieces from Louis Vuitton and Hermès and in weekender and tote bags from Etro.

Whether you're wearing suede on your feet, your back, or both, the one most important style rule is to not take it too far. You never see a guy walking into the office in full-suede trousers or a suede button-down shirt.  If you're going to implement suede in your daily wardrobe, try something traditional such as a Western-style jacket or an accessory such as a Chelsea boot. Here are some of this season's hottest suede items, plus tips on how to utilize them. 

How to Wear Fall's Favorite Trend: Suede

Photographer: Corey Olsen for Bloomberg Pursuits; Styling: Elizabeth Osborne

Travel bag, Etro, $2,895,; azure baseball cap, Vianel, $320,; charcoal shearling car coat, Dunhill, $3,690,; Abel shoes, Paul Andrew, $675,; Dunnavent leather jacket, Billy Reid, $1,295,; vintage shearling jacket, Louis Vuitton, $7,900,; Snuff backpack, Polo Ralph Lauren, $598,; Wyatt 40, Saint Laurent, $895,

  1. First order of business when it comes to suede is to download a reliable weather app and check it before stepping outside your apartment. Suede is a sensitive fabric that should be treated with care. Rain, especially when mingled with the salts and oils from city streets, is deadly to it. 
  2. Avoid wearing a full suede look. Try and limit it to tops, shoes, and accessories—and pair it with solid colors or denim on the bottom. 
  3. Take care of your suede, shoes specifically. You should clean your suede with a suede brush and protect it with a spray for suede and nubuck leather
  4. Mix it up. Suede looks good with other textures and fabrics. Layer it over or pair with flannel, corduroy, and wool. 
  5. If you're afraid of wearing the trend, try to ease into it with a pair of shoes, a hat, or even a suede belt. 

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