(Source: Bajaj Auto website)

Quadricycles Can Now Be Used To Ferry Passengers

The government has included ‘Quadricycle’ as a ‘non transport’ vehicle in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, paving the way for such vehicles to ferry passengers.

The government has allowed non-transport usage of quadricycles with a view to providing a safe and cheap mode for the last mile connectivity, an official statement said.

A quadricycle has four wheelers and a hard top, while being the same length as a three-wheeler. It does have lower speed limits and engine capacity, than a conventional car.

Bajaj Auto Ltd. is the only Indian vehicle maker to produce quadricycle. The Pune-based automaker had been lobbying for more than five years to allow such vehicles to carry passengers.

Quadricycles were only allowed for transport usage under the Act, but now has been made usable for non-transport also, it added.