BQPortfolio: Will Gautam Be Able To Save Rs 6 Crore To Retire By 2048?

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Gautam Chopra estimates that he’ll need a corpus of Rs 6 crore to retire in three decades from now.

Chopra, who works at an IT company in Gurugram, earns Rs 17 lakh annually. He’s left with an investible surplus of Rs 7.4 lakh per year after expenses.

Gajendra Kothari of Etica Wealth Management said that Chopra, 30, will be able to achieve his goal. Chopra’s investment of Rs 24 lakh in mutual funds, according to Kothari, will grow to Rs 6 crore by 2048.

But that will not be enough, according to Kothari, who pointed out that Chopra will need around Rs 13.3 crore to maintain his current lifestyle after retirement.

Watch Kothari explain how Chopra can double his retirement corpus.