BQPortfolio: Retirement Planning For Risk-Averse Harsh Agarwal

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Harsh Agarwal’s dream could so easily be yours or mine.

The 39-year-old New Delhi resident wishes to retire in 2038 and has estimated that a Rs 4-crore corpus would suffice for his post-retirement life.

Unfortunately that amount may not be enough, said Gajendra Kothari, managing director and chief executive officer of Etica Wealth Management.

Agarwal earns Rs 19 lakh per annum and spends Rs 9 lakh. To maintain the same lifestyle Kothari estimates he will need a much larger annual income by the time he retires and hence a much larger corpus.

Then there’s the stick issue of a fixed maturity plan with a sum assured of Rs 35 lakh.

Should Agarwal stay with it or exit?

Kothari helps Harsh plan for the “longest holiday of his life”, and helps him to realign his portfolio with his goal on BloombergQuint’s special show, Portfolio.