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BQPortfolio: How To Take A Travel Sabbatical Niyati Doshi Style

Niyati Doshi loves to travel—someone who would like to book tickets to Turkey while on a trip to Laos.

She dreams of going on a three-month backpacking trip through Latin America by 2022 and estimates that she will need Rs 6 lakh to tick off everything on her itinerary.

Based on her income and monthly expenses, Certified Financial Planner Arvind Rao estimates that she will comfortably reach her goal of Rs 6 lakh by the end of 2021. But then she won’t be left with any money in her contingency fund, or to book tickets for another small trip.

On this episode of BQPortfolio, Rao gives Doshi three options to choose from. Here’s what she decides to do...

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