BQPortfolio: How To Set Effective And Achievable Financial Goals

BQPortfolio speaks to citizens from across India about their financial goals and helps them access expert advice on how to achieve them.

It’s very easy to miss the mark while setting a financial goal. Especially while deciding how much you would need to save for life after retirement.

In most cases, financial planners say people tend to underestimate how much they would need to live comfortably after they stop working. The reason: They fail to adequately account for the effect of inflation on their monthly expenses.

In some instances, however, they overestimate the amount.

On BloombergQuint’s special show, Portfolio, Mumbai-based Ashwin Adhikari speaks to Dhaval Kapadia, portfolio specialist at Morningstar, to find out whether he will require Rs 10 crore after he retires in 2035.