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BQPortfolio: Children’s Education, Travel Fund and NPS Advice–All In One Portfolio Planning

Sachin Pawar’s primary goal is to save enough for his daughter’s higher education. So, he estimates that he will need as much as Rs 30 lakh by 2026.

But unfortunately, at the rate Pawar, a resident of Pune, is currently saving—Rs 2,000 a month—he will only be able to accumulate a third of that amount. A mandatory contribution to the National Pension Scheme every month, and a fear of the current market volatility have made him hesitant to put any more money into the equity market.

Pawar also sets aside Rs 10,000 a month for what he calls a “contingency fund”. Except, he plans to use this amount to take his family on regular holidays.

On this episode of BQPortfolio, certified financial planner Kartik Jhaveri tells Pawar how he can not only save Rs 30 lakh by 2026, but also put together a travel fund for family holidays.

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