BQPortfolio: Chhavi, If You Want To Study Abroad, Step Up Your Savings!

BQPortfolio speaks to citizens from across India about their financial goals and helps them access expert advice on how to achieve them.

Benjamin Franklin once said an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. And while that may still be true, an education abroad is expensive.

Chhavi Nagpal wants to pursue a course in the U.K. in five years. That would cost her about Rs 30 lakh. Also, there isn’t even an option to apply for a scholarship.

The 23-year-old, who has just started her career, aims to save as much as possible to minimise the loan she’ll have to take.

On this episode of BQPortfolio, Tarun Birani, founder and chief executive officer at TBNG Capital Advisers, tells Nagpal that she’ll have to start a “step-up investment plan” and systematically increase her savings over five years to achieve her goal.