BQPortfolio: In Which Subhag Learns About Student Loans And Moratoriums

BQPortfolio speaks to citizens from across India about their financial goals and helps them access expert advice on how to achieve them.

Subhag Dolke wishes to get a job at the United Nations. For this, he must first complete a course in international relations at Geneva.

The 22-year-old, who has just started his career, anticipates that he will need Rs 20 lakh for the course in less than two years. But he’s also worried that the amount may not suffice.

The Pune resident works for a not-for-profit organisation and earns Rs 10,000 a month. After paying for his expenses, Dolke is left with an investible surplus of Rs 4,000. His father is supplementing his savings by another Rs 4,000 a month. But even then, the duo won’t be able to save the entire amount by 2020—that’s when Dolke wants to start the course.

In this episode of BQPortfolio, Kartik Jhaveri, director at Transcend Consulting, helps Dolke chart a plan to bridge the gap.