One kilogram bars of gold sit stacked in a row at a refinery in Switzerland. (Photographer: Stefan Wermuth/Bloomberg)

Rules For Investing In Equity, Debt, Real Estate And Gold, By Monika Halan

“Remember that each financial product you buy must solve a problem you have,” says Monika Halan in her recently released book, Let’s Talk Money.

She uses a fruit analogy to explain it. A diabetic is advised to eat less mangoes and more jamun. An arthritic less orange and more papaya. You have to find the fruit that suits your health and taste rather than buy what your neighbour is buying.

The book describes the attributes of key asset classes: real estate, gold, debt and equity, and in an interview with BloombergQuint Halan sets out some rules for investing in each.

There is a purpose for each product you buy, and each product needs to fight with others to grab the place in your money box.
Monika Halan, Certified Financial Planner and Author, Let’s Talk Money