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BQPortfolio: Has Srinivasa Rao Saved Enough To Secure His Daughters’ Future?

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As 54-year-old Srinivasa Rao takes a well-earned break from work, he is wondering if the investments he has made over the years will pay off.

The Bengaluru resident has two young daughters whose education and marriages will have to be funded through his savings. Rao anticipates that he will require as much as Rs 35 lakh between 2018 and 2025 to ensure that his daughters get the best possible education. He also aims to set aside Rs 20 lakh for the wedding of one daughter in 2028 and another Rs 20 lakh for his second daughter in 2030.

So, Rao, whose monthly expenses are also funded through his savings, wants to best allocate his investments.

On BloombergQuint’s special show, Portfolio, Dhaval Kapadia, portfolio specialist at Morningstar, helps Rao plan an investment strategy.