Zimbabwe Ruling Party Says U.S. Sanctions Renewal Is Unjustified

(Bloomberg) -- Zimbabwe’s ruling party slammed U.S. President Donald Trump’s decisions to extend sanctions against the country, saying the government has implemented sufficient political reforms to merit a repeal.

Trump on Monday extended penalties first imposed on Zimbabwe in 2003 for another year, saying the actions and policies of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government pose a threat to U.S. foreign policy. The announcement followed a similar decision by the European Union, which last month renewed sanctions against Zimbabwe until February 2020.

Zimbabwe has implemented “remarkable” electoral reforms since Mnangagwa took office, while the country is upholding human rights, liberalizing the media and respecting other freedoms enshrined in the constitution, Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front spokesman Simon Khaya Moyo said in a statement Wednesday.

Mnangagwa came to power in November 2017 with pledges to reform Zimbabwe’s political system, including the holding of free and fair elections, after decades of misrule under former President Robert Mugabe. Mnangagwa’s victory in a presidential ballot in July was criticized by observers as flawed, while at least six people were killed in a crackdown by security forces on opposition protests against the outcome.

“This perpetuation of hostilities by the U.S.A. and other like-minded countries is unjustifiable, despicable and contemptible to say the least as it comes against clear efforts by the government of Zimbabwe towards implementation of its national reform agenda,” Moyo said.

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