U.K. Says Terror Threat to Remain Severe for at Least Two Years

(Bloomberg) -- The threat to the U.K. from terrorism will remain at its current level of “severe” for at least two more years, Theresa May’s office said as the prime minister prepared to unveil the findings of a national security review.

Britain will ensure every aspect of government -- including international aid and cultural projects -- works together to combat the intensifying threats posed by extremists, organized crime and hostile states, May will say in a foreword to the report to be published on Wednesday.

“As long as we defend our interests and stand up for our values, there will continue to be those who seek to undermine or attack us,” May wrote, according to extracts released by her office. “But these people should be in no doubt that we will use every capability at our disposal to defeat them.”

May explicitly referred to the attempted murder of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in western England on March 4 as an example of the kind of threat Britain faces, and said it demonstrates the need for a “whole government” approach to dealing with security challenges.

Russia’s involvement was “an unlawful use of force against the U.K.” and confirms the importance of being able to mobilize “the full range of our capabilities in concert to respond to the challenges we face,” she wrote.

Britain shared “unprecedented” levels of intelligence with its partners in the EU, NATO and the Five Eyes alliance with Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S. as it sought to build a united front against Russia following the Skripal attack, May’s office said. Some 25 countries have expelled more than 100 Russian officials as a result.

The report commits to publishing a new anti-terrorism strategy, which will include plans to disrupt plots, May’s office said. Steps to tackle the radicalization of Britons online will also be in the plan, including the production of videos that counter misinformation.

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