U.K. Labour's Corbyn to Propose ‘Public Vote’ on Brexit

(Bloomberg) -- Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he’ll put forward or support an amendment that supports a “public vote to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit."

  • At a weekly party meeting this evening, Corbyn is expected to also confirm Labour will back a cross-party effort led by Yvette Cooper and Oliver Letwin to rule out a no deal Brexit.
  • “One way or another, we will do everything in our power to prevent No Deal and oppose a damaging Tory Brexit based on Theresa May’s overwhelmingly rejected deal,” said Corbyn, according to an emailed statement
  • “In line with our conference policy, we are committed to also putting forward or supporting an amendment in favour of a public vote to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit being forced on the country,” he said
  • Pound strengthens
  • NOTE: It’s not yet clear whether Labour is throwing its support behind a second in-out referendum on Brexit. The announcement was buried in a longer list of Brexit demands in a Labour statement

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