U.K. Labour Has ‘a Real Problem’ With Anti-Semitism, Says Corbyn

(Bloomberg) -- Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn admitted the U.K.’s main opposition party has a problem with antisemitism and pledged to “root ” it out.

“I do acknowledge there is a real problem that Labour is working to overcome,” Corbyn wrote in an article for the Guardian newspaper on Friday. “I accept that if any part of our national community feels threatened, anxious or vulnerable, not only must that be taken at face value but we must all ensure that those fears are put to rest,” Corbyn said.

The Op-Ed is an attempt to draw a line under a row that’s dominated U.K. headlines for the past week. It’s undermined the party’s standing at a time when Prime Theresa May’s government is itself fighting internal battles over Brexit.

The latest furor followed Labour’s decision not to adopt in full an internationally recognized definition of antisemitism, dropping specific examples referring to Israel. That sparked criticism from Labour lawmakers, and three Jewish newspapers published the same front cover in protest at Labour’s position under the headline, “United We Stand.”

In his article on Friday, Corbyn promised: “It is Labour’s responsibility to root out antisemitism in our party.”

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