Trump Says He ‘Looks Forward’ to U.K. Trade Deal Post Brexit

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump said he looks forward to striking a trade deal with the U.K., as a vote looms there on whether to delay Brexit following Parliament’s rejection this week of a no-deal split with the European Union.

The pound climbed to its highest level since June after Parliament on Wednesday evening rejected leaving the EU after 46 years without an agreement in place to keep trade flowing. Legislators will now vote on a postponement to the current March 29 deadline.

The EU has suggested it’s open to a delay until late May, although officials say they will need Britain to give a clear reason for pushing back the deadline.

Trump said last month that he expects trade with the U.K. to increase “substantially,” handing a boost to Theresa May, the beleaguered prime minister, who has flagged a trans-Atlantic agreement as one of the great prizes of Brexit.

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