An anti-Brexit demonstrator holds a Union flag with a European Union (EU) flag outside. (Photographer: Luke MacGregor/Bloomberg)

Study Concludes 100,000 German Jobs at Risk From Hard Brexit

(Bloomberg) -- The U.K. leaving the European Union without an exit deal would jeopardize 100,000 jobs in Germany, according to a study by Halle IWH, one of the country’s leading economic institutes.

The most affected areas would be Volkswagen AG’s hometown of Wolfsburg, and Dingolfing-Landau, the site of BMW AG’s largest German factory, according to Welt am Sonntag, which published the study.

“The employment effect of a hard Brexit would be felt above all in the automotive” industry, Oliver Holtemoeller, one of the study’s authors, told the newspaper. Because of Germany’s reliance on exports, no other country in the EU would be more affected, according to Holtemoeller.

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