Senate Republicans Seek Probe of Other Agencies in Russia Leaks

(Bloomberg) -- Senate Republicans asked the inspector general of the intelligence community to investigate any leaks from other agencies that came out of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s probe into election meddling by Russia.

“We are looking forward to the Justice Department Inspector General’s forthcoming reports reviewing potential FISA abuses and leaks from FBI personnel in order to gain a better understanding of what happened during the Russia investigation,” senators Charles Grassley and Ron Johnson said in a letter dated May 6. “However, these texts and emails demonstrate the need to investigate leaks from agencies or entities other than FBI.”

President Donald Trump has said the special counsel’s investigation into Russia’s meddling was politically motivated and accused former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page of treason for their role in the investigation. Grassley and Johnson’s letter refers to text messages sent by Strzok and Page, who wrote to each other about the probe and cited other unnamed agencies.

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