Saudis Under Scrutiny, Migrants on Move, Midterms: Weekend Reads

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Worldwide outrage over the murder of U.S.-based columnist Jamal Khashoggi dominated headlines this week. U.S. President Donald Trump took aim at a group of Central American migrants as he campaigned across the country ahead of the fast-approaching midterm elections that will determine control of Congress. And European populism continues to stoke fears. 

U.S. law enforcement officials have charged a Florida man accused of mailing suspected explosive devices that targeted high-profile Democrats and the cable network CNN, while the Sri Lankan president suspended parliament and dismissed the prime minister amid deepening political turmoil.

Catch up on these and other stories with this edition of Weekend Reads. 

Saudis Under Scrutiny, Migrants on Move, Midterms: Weekend Reads

Saudi Lobbyists in D.C. Hunker Down After Khashoggi’s Killing
It’s not just Trump who’s cultivated a cozy relationship with Riyadh. Saudi Arabia has been a cash cow for Washington’s influence industry, Ben BrodyNaomi Nix and Bill Allison report. Click here for more on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s gamble as an outspoken Saudi critic.

Trump Campaigns on Friendly Turf in Tight Midterm Races
Trump has embraced his role as campaigner-in-chief to rally support for Republican candidates around the country ahead of the midterms. Check out this interactive graphic to see where the president’s focusing his energy, and click here for details about how much money candidates in the closest races have left to spend.

Italy Exposes Widening Battle Between Populists and Executives
The rise of populism and far-right nationalism is stoking policy uncertainty and ringing corporate alarm bells in Italy and elsewhere, Chiara Albanese and Marine Strauss report.

As Trump Moves to Scrap Nuclear Treaty, Europe Asks Why So Fast?
Marc Champion explains why -- despite Russia’s claims it’s outraged by the U.S. decision to pull out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty -- Europe actually has the most to lose from the move.

Saudis Under Scrutiny, Migrants on Move, Midterms: Weekend Reads

Suicides Surge as Hopeless Venezuelans Surrender to Crisis
Suicides are surging across once-wealthy Venezuela, particularly in the mountainous Andean state of Merida where they’re hitting unprecedented levels, Andrew Rosati writes.

Poland’s Populists Fall Short and Bump Up Against the Opposition
The Law and Justice party expected to build on its stunning 2015 victory, but it failed to win the big opposition bastions. Wojciech Moskwa and Marek Strzelecki take a closer look. 

U.S. Policy on Iran Gets Stuck Between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
To make Iran oil sanctions work better, the fields in the neutral zone must produce oil, Javier Blas writes. They aren’t.

World’s Fastest Growing Economy Has the World’s Most Toxic Air
Forget about China’s war on pollution. The bigger battle is being waged next door in India. Iain Marlow reports on the huge health and economic toll that the toxic air is taking. 

Saudis Under Scrutiny, Migrants on Move, Midterms: Weekend Reads

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Saudis Under Scrutiny, Migrants on Move, Midterms: Weekend Reads

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