Here Are Some Economists Who Could Join Bolsonaro’s Team

(Bloomberg) -- Following the victory of Brazil’s President-elect Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday, all eyes are now on the names that will make up the economic team that’s to pull Latin America’s largest nation out of a deep crisis.

Here are some of the aides to Paulo Guedes, Bolsonaro’s designated economy minister, who could take a post in government on Jan. 1.

  • Adolfo Sachsida, a liberal economist with a PhD from the University of Brasilia and post-doctorate studies at the University of Alabama. Works at the state-owned Research Institute for Applied Economics, or Ipea.
  • Arthur and Abraham Weintraub, professors at the Federal University of Sao Paulo. Experts in public accounts, they aid Guedes on pension reform issues. Abraham was chief economist and director at Banco Votorantim.
  • Marcos Cintra, PhD in economics from Harvard University. Guedes’ tax expert. Professor at the Getulio Vargas Foundation. Author of a proposal to simplify Brazil’s unwieldy tax system by introducing a single tax.
  • Carlos Alexandre da Costa, former director at the state development bank BNDES, in charge of planning and credit. Masters in Economics from UCLA. Executive in residence at JP Morgan. One of founders of Brazilian Institute of Capital Markets, IBMEC.
  • Rubem Novaes, contributor to the Rio-based Liberal Institute, former head of the small enterprise initiative Sebrae, and also former director at the BNDES. PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago.
  • Roberto Ellery, professor of economics at the University of Brasilia, contributes to the Liberal Institute. Area of expertise: investment policies.

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