Poland Says EU Will Destroy Families With Social Revolution

The European Union is plotting a cultural revolution to destroy traditional families and the continent’s Christian heritage, according to Poland’s most powerful politician.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the nationalist ruling Law & Justice party, is an architect of Poland’s crackdown on gay rights over the last half decade. His government has been repeatedly sued by the EU’s executive for eroding the rule of law and may soon face disciplinary action after towns and regions across Poland declared themselves “free of LGBTQ ideology.”

Along with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, former Italian deputy Premier Matteo Salvini, far-right French leader Marine Le Pen and others, Kaczynski signed a declaration on Friday calling for the EU to stay out of cultural politics and halt further integration to keep power at the national level, Law & Justice said.

The EU is “preparing to carry out a cultural revolution what will destroy social structures, starting with the family and traditions, and create a new man,” Kaczynski said in a televised speech. “We don’t want this revolution, which we believe will bring unhappiness and a drastic decline in the freedoms of individuals and countries.”

Law & Justice said the declaration praised the EU and the NATO military alliance for helping Europe avoid larger conflicts since World War II but said the bloc is increasingly becoming a “tool for radicals” bent on “cultural and religious changes” and the creation of an European “super-state.”

The declaration “supports those who want to maintain European traditions, heterogeneous European nations, while maintaining institutionalized” economic cooperation and the freedom of movement, Kaczynski said.

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