Cameras and tripods stand in front of a banner featuring Jair Bolsonaro, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photographer: Dado Galdieri/Bloomberg)

No Women So Far on Bolsonaro’s Transition Team

(Bloomberg) -- Brazil’s President-elect Jair Bolsonaro has not included a single woman so far in the list of the 27 names that make up his transition team.

The list was published in Brazil’s official gazette on Monday afternoon. Among those included are Paulo Guedes, the future finance minister, Marcos Pontes, the next science and technology minister, as well as several renowned liberal economists, such as Adolfo Sachsida, Marcos Cintra and the brothers Arthur and Abraham Weintraub.

The incoming president has the right to name up to 50 people to his transition team. Onyx Lorenzoni, the special minister for the transition, told reporters earlier on Monday that there would be further nominations in the future. Last week, he said that the priority was to nominate experts in infrastructure and economics.

Outgoing President Michel Temer faced widespread criticism when he unveiled his original cabinet in 2016, which did not include a single woman or non-white Brazilian.

Lack of women representation in Brazilian politics goes beyond the president’s cabinet. At this year’s general elections, women took only 15 percent of seats in the lower house despite making up 52 percent of the population.

No Women So Far on Bolsonaro’s Transition Team

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