Hezbollah Cross-Border Tunnels a ‘Double War Crime,’ Netanyahu Says 

(Bloomberg) -- Ahead of a United Nations Security Council discussion later Wednesday about Hezbollah’s cross-border tunnels into Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the international community to condemn Iranian and Hezbollah aggression against Israel and increase sanctions on Hezbollah.

Among his comments:

  • Says Hezbollah hides behind Lebanese civilians in order to attack Israeli civilians, and both actions are war crimes
  • Says Lebanon must stop letting its territory be used for aggression against Israel
  • Says Lebanese citizens should “fight back” against Hezbollah takeover of their country, “have to understand Hezbollah is putting them in jeopardy”
  • Wants UNIFIL to have swift, unimpeded access to all parts of southern Lebanon
  • Says Hezbollah has shut down three alleged missile-upgrade factories in Beirut after Netanyahu exposed them in September UN address
  • NOTE: Israel Faces More Formidable Hezbollah Dug in From Lebanon (2)

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