Meet the Two Finalists That Will Vie for Brazil's Presidency

(Bloomberg) -- Jair Bolsonaro, the first-placed in Brazil’s presidential election on Oct. 7 will face the runner-up, Fernando Haddad for a second-round vote on Oct. 28. Here’s a cheat sheet with the must-know points on both.

Jair Bolsonaro

Meet the Two Finalists That Will Vie for Brazil's Presidency
  • Candidate for the rightwing Social Liberal Party, or PSL
  • Ex-Army captain renowned for his provocative attacks on progressive values, women and minorities
  • Sympathetic to the military dictatorship in Brazil; his running mate is General Hamilton Mourao
  • Stabbed by a fanatic at a rally on Sept. 6, and spent weeks hospitalized
  • Portrays himself as law-and-order candidate, pledging to ease gun control laws and give police more power to pursue and kill criminals
  • Professes his ignorance of economics and says policy-making will be delegated to Paulo Guedes, who favors privatizations, lowering tax burden and government debt, and central bank independence
  • Motto: “Brazil above everything, and God above everyone”

Fernando Haddad

Meet the Two Finalists That Will Vie for Brazil's Presidency
  • Replaced imprisoned former leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as the candidate for the leftist Workers’ Party.
  • Born in Sao Paulo on Jan. 25, 1963
  • Holds PhD in philosophy from University of Sao Paulo, as well as additional university degrees in law and economics
  • Served as education minister under Lula and his successor, Dilma Rousseff
  • Was Sao Paulo city mayor 2013-2016; his administration faced large demonstrations against bus fare increases
  • Would revoke constitutional cap on government spending
  • Pledges to undo market-friendly reforms of current President Michel Temer
  • Known as harsh critic of banks; seeks to tax banks that have high interest rate spreads
  • Opposes sale of state-owned companies, including Petrobras and Eletrobras

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